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Ecumenical Church Loan Fund (ECLOF) is a not-for-profit ecumenical organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. ECLOF’s mission is to provide fair credit for human development and sustainable communities, in witness to the Christian faith.

Project Officer
Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

ECLOF finances the construction of churches, schools and other community projects. Most of ECLOF committees today are in the South, and their lending activities are concentrated on grassroots development projects.

ECLOF is an ecumenical lending institution and, as such, it uses loans as an instrument of development, and not grants or donations. As a matter of policy, the ECLOF International Secretariat in Geneva does not process loan applications or projects directly from applicants but, rather, it works through National ECLOF Committees (NECs). For more information, please contact the National ECLOF Committee in your country.

Ecumenical Church Loan Fund
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