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The Independent Jamaica Council for Human Rights (1998) Limited (formerly known as the Jamaica Council for Human Rights) is the oldest human rights non-governmental organization in the Caribbean, having been formed in 1968 on the 20th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Council’s objectives include the following:

  1. To provide information about and to promote the observances of Human Rights generally in Jamaica.

  2. To perform all acts and duties which the IJCHR may by any regulation or Order of Court is directed or authorized to perform.

  3. To consider all questions affecting Human Rights and fundamental freedoms and to initiate and watch over general measures affecting such issues and, if necessary, to petition the Government and Legislature of Jamaica, the Judges and other persons and bodies in or out of Jamaica.

  4. To encourage the study of Human Rights and all related matters.

  5. To promote the development of national consciousness and the recognition of Human Rights and civil liberties, and to build a national movement for the purpose of establishing and defending Human Rights and civil liberties throughout Jamaica.

  6. To uphold and encourage support for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the accession and adherence of Jamaica to international and regional human rights conventions.

  7. Constantly to campaign against any denial of Human Rights and civil liberties in Jamaica and to undertake or sponsor all actions necessary and possible to secure redress and public disapproval for all infringements of these rights.

  8. To cooperate and associate with other groups and organizations which have similar aims and objectives.

Legal Officer
Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm


  1. Workers' Rights and Duties      

  2. Citizens' Rights and Police Powers

  3. Prisoners' Rights

  4. Victims' Rights

  5. The Rights of the Child

  6. Rights of Persons with Disabilities

  7. Women and Human Rights

  8. Jamaican Citizens and Parliament   

  9. Know Your Rights before This Court


  1. The Disabled in Jamaica, Volume I:  The Treatment of the Mentally Ill:  Issues, Solutions and Systems

  2. The Disabled in Jamaica, Volume II:  The Treatment of Persons Suffering From Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction

  3. Government, the Police and Personal Freedom

  4. The Death Penalty

  5. A Manual for Death Row Inmates

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Independent Jamaica Council For Human Rights
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