Address: IFOJ, P.O. Box 1104, Attleboro, MA 02703
Telephone: (304) 449-IFOJ (4365)
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The Intellectual Foundation of Jamaica (IFOJ) is an independent, educational charitable organization formed in 2010 and registered in the state of Colorado. 

IFOJ’s primary purpose is to empower students and influence the growth of high quality education in the most underserved sections of Jamaica’s secondary education system.  IFOJ’s vision is rooted in the belief that access to good education is one of the best paths to personal and national development, and that time and resources expended in this endeavor will invariably yield meaningful and tangible returns to both donors and recipients.

The Foundation is governed by a team of committed, resourceful and passionate individuals who are excited to combine their resources, expertise and networks to make a positive and lasting contribution to the development of Jamaica’s intellectual capital.

Education funding – scholarships for high school students and school resources (computers, books, school supplies); mentoring

Garnet Gibson, Chairman
9 am – 5pm

The IFOJ is in need of volunteers for its mentoring program. Mentors should live in Jamaica. For more information about the mentoring program, please contact us at or call (304) 449-IFOJ.

We are also looking for fundraisers, grant writers, individuals with website development experience, marketing and corporate communications experience etc.

Interested parties can join us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter at to keep current on all our activities

Intellectual Foundation of Jamaica
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