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The JAS seeks to provide services that will lead to the development of agriculture and to improve the standard of living for our farmers.

Chief Executive Officer
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

To ensure the protection and promotion of farmers' interest, through a vigorous, independent and financially viable organization providing services to farmers and assisting them to gain access to resources provided by government and other agencies; and to enhance global policy initiatives in order to achieve social and economic development of the rural sector.

JAS Significant Achievements for April 2009 – March 2010

The JAS achievements at the parish level and varied national programmes throughout the year include:

Certification of Agricultural Produce

The Farmers Quality Manual (FQM) has been gazetted and a Quality Seal of Approval launched and being used to certify agricultural produce in partnership with the Bureau of Standard. This programme is geared towards ensuring improved quality by both local and international standards.

Eat Jamaican Campaign

The Eat Jamaican Campaign launched in November 2003 to  sensitize Jamaicans on the need to “ Grow what we eat, eat what we Grow” celebrated the 6th  Anniversary on November 25, 2009 at the Denbigh Showground with Governor General His Excellency the Most Honorable Sir Patrick Allen proclaiming November 25th annually Eat Jamaican Day. This campaign has the objective of building awareness of the need to support local production.

Parish Shows

  1. Involvement in Parish Shows, such as Montpelier, and the Denbigh Show 2009 which was held during the emancipation weekend on Friday, July 31st – August 1st , 2009 under the theme “Grow what we eat, Eat what we Grow” - to showcase agricultural production and its innovations at its best along with disseminating information to the public on agriculturally related issues.

  2. Provision of tractor services by DBJ/ JAS Tractor Tillage Programme valued at $14M.To date an excess of 6000 acres of lands have been ploughed and accessed by approximately 3500 farmers.

  3. Business Advisory Services offering Internet, library and support services in the Kingston, St. Catherine and Portland JAS Parish Offices.

Collaborative Projects and Alliances with:

  1. Food for the Poor (REAP)

  2. Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF)

  3. Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA)

  4. CVSS/United Way

  5. Jamaica 4-H Clubs – Youth in Agriculture

  6. Jamaica National Building Society

  7. Jamaica Horticultural Society

  8. MSME Alliance (among others)

Parish Productivity Programmes

  1. Middle Quarters JAS Rice Project geared at increasing the levels of rice production in the Parish of St. Elizabeth.

  2. Production project in St. Mary focusing on increasing production of Bammy, Onion and Pineapple.

  3. St. Mary Bee and Poultry Project endorsed by the European Union Banana Support Programme.

  4. Establishment of a Management Systems Manual and poultry unit and extensive farmers training to facilitate to the production of quality poultry funded through Alcoa Foundation and by extension stakeholders such as Caribbean Broilers, Jamaica Broilers and varied Members of Parliament. (St. Catherine)

  5. Oxfam/JAS Marketing Project aimed at increasing the link between tourism and agriculture and providing marketing opportunities for the farmers. (St. James)

Farmers Training Programmes

  1. The JAS has collaborated with the Jamaica Trade and Invest to assist our groups and farmers to structure their business, access funding, and write business plans through varied parish workshops.

  2. CVSS United Way contribution of $460,000 to JAS St. Catherine to assist with the varied training programmes being undertaken.

  3. Entrepreneurship Training Project to include, TCC Compliance, Food Handlers Permit Training.

  4. World Class Capacity Building Training Programme in collaboration with MSME Alliance, IDB and the Bank of Nova Scotia.

  5. Top Mountain Juice Project sponsored by Japanese Government at JA $12million.

  6. Productivity Project in St. Andrew providing farmers with training, marketing strategies in specialized areas such as Irish Potato and Grape production.

  7. Kingston and St. Andrew Inner-city Agricultural Project, School Gardening Training Programme and Backyard Farming Project. (among others)

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