Address: Head Office: 9 Marescaux Road, Kingston 5 / Administrative Office: Hope Estate, Papine, Kingston 6
Telephone: (876) 970-1778-9
Fax: (876) 927-1098
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The Jamaica Association for the Deaf was established in 1938 and has been government aided since the 1970s.

Our strategic goals are:

1-      To increase the number of literate deaf and hard of hearing children and adults through the strengthening of policies, standards, resources, and capacity building of teachers, parents and deaf community for support of more effective educational programmes.

2-      To increase access of deaf persons to basic health and social support services by empowering service providers and strengthening interpreting services.

3-      To increase the effectiveness and viability of hearing assessment services by strengthening capacity and improving the quality of customer service.

Vision Statement:           A Jamaica in which Deaf persons are empowered to fully participate in nation building

Mission Statement:        To effectively manage resources for education, hearing and social services and advocacy in

collaboration with key partners for the advancement of deaf and hard of hearing persons.

Our Programmes:

  1. Special Education and Vocational Training
  2. Social support services for Deaf persons and their families
  3. Hearing assessment, enhancement and conservation services
  4. Public Education and Community development 
Mrs. Iris Soutar, Executive Officer
Clinic: Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm Friday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

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Contact person & number

Email Address

Jamaica Association for the Deaf – Administration

Hope Estate, Papine, Kingston 6

Mrs. I. Soutar, 970-1778-9

Hearing Services / Capital Hearing Services

9 Marescaux Road, Kingston 5

Mrs. J. Coward-Fearon, 906-6808 or 926-7001

Social Services

2B Camp Road, Kingston 5

Ms. S. Lee,


Lister Mair – Gilby High School

Hope Estate, Papine, Kingston 6

Mrs. V. Souza-McKenzie


Danny Williams School for the Deaf and JAD Pre School

Hope Estate, Papine, Kingston 6

Mrs. M. Simmonds,

927-1293; 977-1082 (PSch),

St. Christopher’s School for the Deaf

Brown’s Town, St. Ann

Ms. M. Simpson


May Pen Unit

Woodside, Clarendon

Mrs. W. Rhoden


Port Antonio Unit

Port Antonio, Portland

Mrs. A. Smallhorne


Excelsior Educational Unit

5 Courtney Avenue, Kingston 3

Mrs. D. Williams


Continuing Education Unit

Hope Estate, Papine, Kingston 6

Mrs. W. Dyce


JAD Binders

Hope Estate, Papine, Kingston 6

Mrs. M. Hinds/ Mr. D. Brooks


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Jamaica Association For The Deaf
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