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The NDFJ was established in 1981 as a non-profit organization, to develop and promote entrepreneurship in Jamaica. This is done by means of credit, financing, training and a wide range of market-driven support services to micro and small business enterprises involved in manufacturing, services and agriculture. This provides an affordable alternative to debt financing by furnishing support to acquire vehicles, office equipment and machinery.  All loan programmes are further enhanced with a comprehensive training programme that is market driven and promotes the development of good, sound business practices. The financial services offered by the NDFJ include Regular Loans and Micro Loans

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The National Development Foundation of Jamaica (NDFJ) provides education in Professional Training Programmes for Individuals and Organizations deployed through our National College of Management and Business (NCMB). This area of training bridges the gap in relationship between private/public sector and the micro and small business and is geared toward providing business training for individuals in the workforce who provide goods and services to micro and the small business sector.  These courses are offered at the Certificate, Diploma and Associate Degree levels.

The foundation provides compulsory pre-loan training to all potential clients, counseling and consultatory services can be provided at the request of clients, a company or any member of the public. Emphasis is placed on record keeping, time management, book-keeping, supervisory management and other core areas of business operations.

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