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The primary objectives of Operation Restoration are to:

  1. Provide Christian education and counseling for children and adults, particularly those engaged in or falling into criminal activity.

  2. Provide a "safe haven" of nurturing activities for young people at the end of the school day.

  3. Train young men and women for leadership.

  4. Redress the publics’ and the residents' own negative image of Trench Town and surrounding communities.

  5. Provide training and vocational skills to create opportunities for self-employment.

  6. Create a successful pilot project that can be replicated in other inner-city communities.

Operation Restoration has been serving communities in and around Trench Town, Jamaica for over ten years.  Currently, there are five main areas of service we provide for the community:

  1. After-School Programme

  2. Community Outreach Programme

  3. Youth off the Streets (YOTS)

  4. Incentive Programme

  5. Spiritual Enrichment/Counseling Programme

Principal and Founder
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Strong Women of Trench Town involves:

  1. To empower women in the community to achieve self-reliance; improved self-esteem and life-changing principles. Organize events outside the community that will expose and broaden their outlook
  2. Promote artistic and cultural events to help young people realize their full potential
  3. Organize parenting workshops on a regular basis to provide better parenting skills.
  4. To bring peace to this war-torn community.
  5. Deal with teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.
  6. Cater to the indigent and senior citizens in the community by sourcing and providing food on a regular basis to these persons.
  7. A teen parent programme is also being organized to assist young girls with needs they have for their children and to help them to return to school and complete their education.
  8. SWOTT will also be involved in the production of leather-craft items being taught at the school in the Youth off the Streets programme.
  9. Office/Secretarial Services are provided free of charge to the community and our services include recommendations, as well as the preparation of documents that include Resumes, Passport applications. Justice of the Peace services are vitally needed and are regularly provided.
  10. YOTS provides remedial education and skills training to 15–21-year-old teenagers and young adults. 
Operation Restoration
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