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The Central Information Technology Office (CITO) is a publicly owned company which was established by the Government of Jamaica in 2001. It is intended to be an enabler for national development through its charge to formulate, update, coordinate and monitor implementation of the National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategy. Within that context CITO’s also has a public sector mandate in defining, implementing, monitoring, sourcing, and continuously improving public sector ICT services which create quality and efficiency in a cost effective manner.

CITO monitors and co-ordinates the activities outlined in National Strategy. Its functions are therefore central to the promotion, development and growth of the ICT sector. The strategy analyses the capabilities and skills, which currently exist in the country and proposes policies, strategies, projects and programmes to achieve critical ICT objectives of national importance.
CITO reports directly to the Minister of Energy, Mining, and Telecommunications, through him, to the Information Sub-Committee of Cabinet. The organization is governed by a board of directors on which its Chief Executive Officer sits.
Role and Functions
  • Develop, update, coordinate and monitor implementation of the National ICT Strategic Plan in accordance with national development policies by establishing effective partnerships with all key stakeholders across the public, private and NGO sectors.
  • Monitor and report on national e-readiness status, with a particular view to Jamaica’s ratings on key international indices.
  • Make national policy recommendations and develop specific strategies to improve Jamaica’s e-readiness ratings, and address opportunities and threats arising from Jamaica’s international e‑readiness rankings.
  • Develop, update, coordinate and monitor implementation of the GoJ’s e-Government Strategy.
  • Develop and promulgate the adoption of government-wide ICT standards and policies to create common interoperability platforms and greater efficiency in the use of ICT resources.
  • Review and support GoJ ICT projects with a view to assessing the value-added for the government, the alignment with the strategic and policy direction, and the organizational and business processes impact of such projects.
  • Define priorities on the basis of government-wide projects (cross-cutting initiatives) which will reduce costs and/or increase revenues for Government of Jamaica
  • Take a lead role in coordinating the implementation of cross-ministry joined-up government ICT projects which involve public/private sector partnerships
  • Develop and promote ICT awareness programs and campaigns for targeted sectors as well national coverage
  • Promote and foster education and professional development of public and private sectors leaders and technology managers in order to promote the increasingly effective use of ICTs
  • Seek and secure funding to support CITO approved ICT projects


Ms. Ayanna Samuels

Deputy Chairperson

Ms. Lorna Green


Mr. Gary Simms

Mr. Sandor Panton

Mr. Kevin Brown

Mr. Brian Richardson

Ms. Phadra Saunders

Mr. David White

Ms. Shanique Lloyd

Ms. Ingrid Riley

Mr. Otis Fisher

Mr. Leo Williams

Mr. Richard Gordon

*board appointed for two (2) years effective February 13, 2012*

Central Information Technology Office (CITO)
Government of Jamaica