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Jamalco's Commitment to Sustainability

At Alcoa, sustainability is defined as using our Values to build financial success, environmental excellence, and social responsibility through partnerships in order to deliver net long-term benefits to our shareowners, employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate. 

Our commitment to sustainability has a long history and is evident every day-from the way we live our Values to our strategic framework for sustainability supported by clear targets for measuring progress towards achievement of Alcoa’s Vision for 2020. 


Dr. Vincent Lawrence


Mr. Joseph Cox

Ms. Delrose Campbell

Mr. Winston Hepburn

Mr. Winston Hayden

Mr. Junior Rose

Mr. Roderick Gordon

Mr. Moses Green

Ms. Michelle Forbes

*board appointed February 13, 2012 for one (1) year*
Clarendon Alumina Production Ltd.
Government of Jamaica