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The Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education Fund (CHASE) were incorporated on November 25, 2002 and began its operations in January 2003. It was registered under the Companies Act to receive, distribute, administer and manage the monetary contributions from the lottery companies pursuant to Section 59G of the betting Gaming and Lotteries Act. The company became a reality based on the concept of ‘taxes foregone’ that would have normally gone to the consolidated fund.

Chief Executive Officer or the Chairman
Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm; Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Arts and Culture

  1. Improvement of libraries, archives and documentation facilities.

  2. Implementation of programmes to expose and encourage the people of Jamaica, especially the young, to utilize facilities such as libraries, archives, and documentation.

  3. Establishment, funding and implementation of programmes for the development of talents and skills in the youth of Jamaica in the areas of the Arts and Culture.

  4. Utilization of cultural activities in the conveying of development objectives.

  5. Acquisition, restoration, maintenance or use of historic sites and monuments.

  6. Establishment of opportunities for cultural display and exhibitions to facilitate the show-casing of Jamaican culture.

  7. Provision of opportunities for more people to attend and participate in artistic activities.

  8. To assist in the creation and preservation of documentary film footage on Jamaica’s history.

  9. Support of local museums.

Early Childhood Education

  1. Health screening of children in early childhood institutions.

  2. Building, upgrading and equipping of early childhood resource centres (including furniture and learning materials).

  3. Health screening of children in early childhood institutions.

  4. Building, upgrading and equipping of basic schools and day care centres (including furniture and learning materials).

  5. Building, upgrading and equipping of early childhood resource centres (including furniture and learning materials).

  6. Support for development/manufacture of early childhood materials to enhance the cognitive development of children.

  7. Improvement of the nutritional status of pupils in Basic and Infant schools; or Infant schools and Infant departments within Primary and All Age schools.

  8. Support the early childhood training programmes both pre service and in-service.

  9. Provision of scholarships for specialists training in Early Childhood Education.

  10. Support for local and regional Early Childhood conferences and public education activities.

  11. Institutional strengthening of the National Early Childhood Programme.

  12. Special provisions to extend resource centre facilities in communities which cannot access parish based centre facilities.

  13. Assist communities and charitable and non-profit organizations in providing out-of-school-hours child care.

  14. Expand the use of radio and televisions programmes to enrich and support the curriculum.

  15. Support research for the development of early Childhood Education Programmes.

Mr. Phillip Henriques - Chairman

Ambassador Dr. Nigel Clarke - Deputy Chairman

Mr. Hidran McKulsky

Mrs. Nicole McLaren-Campbell

Mrs. Lisa Whiteman-Harrison

Mr. Ian Levy

Ms. Merle Donaldson

Mr. Garth Anderson

Mr. Robert Williams

Dr. O'Neal Mundle

Ms. Novelette Howell

Culture, Health, Arts, Sports And Education (CHASE) Fund
Government of Jamaica