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Correctional Services in Jamaica is a department under the Ministry of National Security.  Prior to the 1975, the conceptual function of the prison system was that of punishment. New directions for the Correctional Services created opportunities for rehabilitation and care. In addition to Probation Order, non-custodial options are:

  1. Community Service Order (CSO) – an order to complete at least 40 hours (now being revised) of unpaid work within the community.

  2. Suspended Sentence Supervision Order – an option where the Court defers the sentence and the offender is given a chance to prove himself in the community.

  3. Voluntary Supervision – recommended by the court when the offender is deemed to be in need of counselling or treatment outside of the formal sentencing system.

  4. Probation Order – allows the offender a form of community based rehabilitation.

The Department of Correctional Services is comprised of seven (7) Adult Correctional Centres, one (1) Adult Remand Centre, four (4) Juvenile Centres, and seventeen (17) Community Service Offices (Probation Offices) located island wide all under the directorship of the Department’s chief executive officer, the Commissioner of Corrections.

The Department has three (3) core functional areas:

  1. Custodial Services (Adults and Juveniles)

  2. Rehabilitation

  3. Human Resource Management and Community Services

Commissioner of Corrections
24 hours

Juvenile Correctional Centres formerly known as approved schools, are educational institutions providing security, rehabilitation and education to a special group of Juveniles. These institutions are for juveniles (ages 12 - 18) who are removed (by the court) from their normal environment to a more controlled environment. Except for Diamond Crest for females, all other juvenile facilities are for males only. 

Name:              Rio Cobre Juvenile Correctional Centre

Address:           Tredegar Park, Spanish Town, St. Catherine

Capacity:           120

Name:              Hill Top Juvenile Correctional Centre

Address:           Bamboo, St. Ann

Capacity:           98

Name:              Armadale Juvenile Correctional Centre (Girls)

Address:           Alexandria, St. Ann

Capacity:           40

Name:              St. Andrew Juvenile Remand Centre

Address:           Stony Hill, St. Andrew

Capacity:           48

Department Of Correctional Services
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