Address: 17 Knutsford Boulevard Kingston 5 Jamaica
Telephone: 1-(876)-968-4766 / 2484 / 2178 / 7592; 960-0406
Fax: 1-(876)-929-7453
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Factories Corporation Jamaica is the government agency that has primary responsibility for the development and management of industrial and commercial space in the public sector. The Company is in the business of leasing and managing industrial, commercial and office spaces to investors.


Mr. Clive Fagan


Mr. Dennis GordonĀ 

Mr. Deanall Barnes

Mr. William Potopsingh

Dr. Norman Marshall

Mr. Leon Phillips

Ms. Carlene Fenton

Mr. Jack Shirley

Ms. Beverly Rose-Forbes

Mr. Junior Rose

Mr. Derryck Webb

Mr. Byron Clarke

Mr. James Thomas

Mr. Hopeton McCatty

Mr. Gary Scott

Reverend Robert Louis McIntosh

Mr. Horace Sutherland-Ex Officio

*board appointed for two (2) years effective February 27, 2012*

Factories Corporation of Jamaica Ltd,
Government of Jamaica