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The Financial Services Commission (FSC) came into existence on August 2, 2001 by virtue of the Financial Services Commission Act. It has replaced the Office of the Superintendent of Insurance (OSI) and Unit Trusts and the Securities Commission.   The FSC supervises and regulates the securities industry, the insurance industry and soon, the private pensions industry.  As such it may be properly described as an integrated financial services regulator

Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
The Commission has responsibility to manage proper administration of the securities and insurance laws.  In doing so the FSC oversees the registration, solvency and conduct of approximately 114 firms and over 1,200 individuals doing business in the securities and insurance (life and General) industries. Such as:
     Securities Dealers
     Investment Advisors            
     Securities Dealers’ Representatives  
     Investment Advisors’ Representatives
     Mutual Funds
     Unit Trusts
     Insurance Companies           
     Insurance Brokers        
     Insurance Agencies       
     Insurance Managing General Agent
     Insurance Sales Representatives    
     Insurance Loss Adjusters
     Insurance Consultants
The FSC will be responsible for the registration and oversight of over 800 private pension plans and as yet an unknown number of pensions administrators and investment managers.
Executive Director

Acting Executive Director - Leon Anderson

Senior Director Pensions - Nicolette Jenez

Senior Director Corporate Services - Sheila Martin

Chief Actuary - Angela Beckford

General Council - Loretta Reid-Pitt

Director Investigations - Lorice Edwards-Brown

Director Regulatory Processes & Reliance - Janet Johnson-Haughton

The FSC oversees these entities by administering a number of statutes and accompanying regulations.  The relevant statutes are the FSC Act, the Securities Act, the Unit Trusts Act and the Insurance Act.

1.Mr. Colin Bullock - Chairman
2. Mr. Michael Vaccianna
3. Mrs. Donna Scott-Mottley
4. Honourable Justice Karl Harrison (Retired)
5. Mr. Winston Hayden
6. Mr. Junior Rose
7. Executive Director, Financial Services Commission - 
Financial Services Commission (FSC)
Government of Jamaica