Address: 3 St. Josephs Avenue, Kingston 3
Telephone: (876) 928-1017; 928-4312; 1(876) 618-0021
Fax: (876) 928-4575
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The Golden Age Home is a Government owned company that has been operating in Kingston for almost twenty-five (25) years and was established to provide residential care and facilities for the indigent elderly of the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew. 

  • Each resident is provided with his/her own bed and locker. Bathroom facilities are shared between seven to nine residents in a room.
  • Three nutritous meals per day are provided. Special diets are available for those requiring it.
  • There is a common room where residents can participate in games and other leisure activities.
  • An active chapter of the Senior Citizen's Club that regularly organizes activities for residents in maintained at the Home
  • Medical and dental services are available to residents.
  • Freedom of worship is allowed. There are also religious services conducted at the Home for Saturday and Sunday worshippers.
  • Residents enjoy a secure environment protected by a private Security Company.
  • Supportive, courteous, well trained and experienced staff to provide for resident's needs.
  • Fair treatment irrespective of religion, race or disability.
  • Encouragement for participation in social, recreational, vocational, cultural and spiritual activities.
  • Assistance in transacting personal business
  • Visitors are always welcome, before 7:30p.m. daily
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Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pmMedical Center 24 Hours
Golden Age Home
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