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The Mission of the of the Jamaica 4H Clubs movement is to mobilize, educate and train young people between the ages of 5 and 25 years in agricultural, homemaking, leadership and social skills, which will prepare them for, or influence them into careers in agriculture and agro-related occupations. The movement seeks to provide a cadre of trained young leaders, capable of contributing to national development.

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  1. Heifer Revolving Programme: This began in 1975 as a collaborative effort between the Jamaica 4-H Clubs and the Kingston Lions Club; however, it is now managed by the Jamaica 4-H Clubs’ Revolving Herd Committee. To date, some 2,500 animals have crossed hands in the programme. Animals are offered to older clubites that successfully satisfy a selection process.  These clubites, which should at least have an interest in animal rearing are further trained in animal husbandry and should have access to feeding facilities. The first offspring from the animal is then put back in the programme for other candidates.

  2. Goat Revolving Programme: This programme began in 2001 and operates in a similar fashion to that of the Heifer Revolving Programme. It is open to all clubites island wide; however, participants must be 4-H members for a period of not less than one year. They must also be selected by a 4-H Leader and be approved by the 4-H Clubs on the grounds of interest in livestock etc. When the goat has had its first kid and it becomes six months old, it is then returned to the programme.

  3. Tractor Operation & Maintenance: This provides training for clubites between the ages of 18 to 25 years in this particular skill. Since its inception, the programme has received certification from the National Council on Technical Vocation Education and Training (NCTVET). The programme which began on May 21, 2001 with 12 participants is conducted at three-month intervals at the Denbigh 4-H Training Centre in Clarendon.  The programme has also benefited from a grant of US$51,254.00 from the Japanese Government to procure additional equipment necessary for its sustainability.

  4. Examiners from the Ministry of Transport & Works also certify and award Operators’ Licenses to successful candidates.

  5. Environmental Programmes: In addition to its Greening of Jamaica – the 4-H Way Programme, there is now the 4-H Environmental Challenge programme which is spearheaded by the Island Advisory Council. This programme, as of this year (2005) will be incorporated at all Parish Achievement Days. It has recently received sponsorship from the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, (EFJ), and USAID Ridge to Reef Watershed Project and Kaiser Jamaica.

  6. Entrepreneurial Programmes: Part of the 4-H mandate is to provide leadership skills training. This is embodied in the entrepreneurial programme which the 4-H Clubs has in collaboration with the Inter-American Bank, (IDB).

  7. International Exchange Programmes: The International 4-H Youth Exchange (IFYE) and the Michigan Exchange Programmes are two major international programmes in which the 4-H is heavily involved. Added to this, there is also the fledgling Caribbean 4-H Exchange Programme which continues to gain momentum.

  8. 4-H Land Policy: The Jamaica 4-H Clubs is playing its part in putting young farmers on the land by contacting those who are interested in agriculture. The 4-H Clubs continues to lobby the Government of Jamaica for land for young farmers. Interested persons should contact the nearest 4-H Clubs Parish Office for further details.

Parish Development Officer for St. Andrew or the Parish Development Officer for Kingston
NATIONAL SCHOOL GARDEN – This Programme is an initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, and is administered by The Jamaica 4-H Clubs. Its aim is establish school gardens in all schools that have the required facilities. The project is also aimed at empowering schools to produce all the food items required at the school canteen or the school garden; as well as to identify young Agriculturalists across Jamaica. Click here to get details about our school garden programme.

RIO TINTO ALCAN SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Open to clubites at the secondary and tertiary level who currently study agriculture and will seriously pursue it as a career.

RABBIT REVOLVING – Currently, the hub of this programme is at the Rose Hall 4-H Training and Production Centre, in St. Catherine

GOAT REVOLVING - this is funded by the Kingston Lions Club in association with the Goat Breeders Association, JAMALCO & the Agricultural Credit Board

YOUTH IN AGRICULTURE - This programme is aimed at enhancing youth involvement in agriculture through specific activities as well as to encourage participants to see agriculture as a viable career choice. An average of three scholarships per year is granted to persons attending CASE.

TRACTOR MAINTENANCE AND OPERATIONS– Persons are trained in the discipline of tractor driving and maintenance. At the end of the programme, they are granted a Driver’s Licence by the Island Traffic Authority. This three-month residential programme at Denbigh is certified by the HEART Trust/NTA at Level one.

Dr. Charles Douglas - Chairman

Mr. Hydran Mculskey - Vice Chairman

Mr. Rohan Walsh

Mr. Edward Muir

Mr. Collin Virgo

Ms. Andrea Walters

Ms. Kadian Francis

Dr. Clover Mattocks

Mr. Matthew Samuda

Ms. Kayon Whyne


The Jamaica 4-H Clubs has training and production centres islandwide. These facilitate production of crops as well as being hubs for training of clubites and members of surrounding

communities. Here is a synopsis of what each centre has to offer. They are:





Facility catering to acFacility catering to ackee production, noni & apiculturekee production, noni & apiculture



Cocoa production, vegetables and training centre on location

10 acres



Pig production, training, & coffee nursery

5 acres


86 guest capacity hostel, Tractor & Home Economics programmes, general training

5 acres


Crops, Apiculture, Training Centre, Coffee, Ackee

26 acres


Apiculture, training, crops

 20 ½



Sugar cane and establishment of avocado.


Goat production

12 acres


80-guest capacity hostel, Layer production, Rabbitry, Crops and Apiculture

10 Acres


Plant nursery, crops, training facilities

2 ¾ acres


Apiculture, Citrus, Timber, Pimento

26 acres


Sugar cane, vegetables & cassava  

65 acres


Peanuts, cassava & apiculture,

Peanut processing facility- producer of Clover peanuts.

18 acres

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