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The National Irrigation Commission Ltd. (N.I.C.) which is an agency within the Ministry of Agriculture was established in 1986 and became operational in May 1987 with the following stipulated objectives:

To manage, operate, maintain and expand such existing and future irrigation schemes and systems as may now or hereafter be established by the Government of Jamaica or by any Department or agency.   - To fix and collect the rates or charges & to be paid for the use of such water.
The NIC maintains an island wide presence through our six (6) District Offices located in key irrigation areas.
The NIC operates five main systems with the aim of enhancing agricultural production in the areas that they serve. The commission provides drainage services in designated areas of the Black River flood plain in St. Elizabeth. In addition to irrigation; water is made available to industrial and commercial operations through some of its systems. Untreated raw water is sold to the National Water Commission in some areas.
Our Core Function
  • Delivering Irrigation water to farm gates.

  • Developing water users groups/Associations in order to   encourage farmer involvement and foster on-farm water management.

  • Maintaining Irrigation Infrastructure.

  • Develop new Irrigation systems.

Mr. Hopeton Frazer - Chairman

Mr. Everton Fisher
Mr. Hughlet Dight
Mr. Linford Cooper
Mr. Ludgar Parish
Reverend Glenroy Clarke
Ms. Miranda Wellington
Mr. Howard Hill
Mr. Noel Lowe
Mr. Rankin Watson
Mr. Balfour Hewitt
Mr. Michael Donegan
Mrs. Edith Chedda
Representative, Water Resources Authority
Representative, Ministry of Finance and Planning
*Appointed April 1, 2012 for a period of two (2) years to March 31, 2014
National Irrigation Commission Ltd. (N.I.C.)
Government of Jamaica