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The National Road Operating and Construction Company is a wholly owned Government Company formed under the Companies Act, and has responsibility for ensuring the implementation of Highway 2000.

Highway 2000 involves the construction of a multi-laned tolled highway from Kingston to Montego Bay and a spur from Bushy Park to Ocho Rios. The total length of the project is approximately 230 km with a design speed of 110 k.p.h. in the flat and undulating areas and 90 k.p.h in the hilly areas.

The project has been divided into two phases:

Phase 1: Kingston to Williamsfield

Phase 2: Williamsfield to Monetgo Bay, Bushy Park to Ocho Rios

Managing Director


Dr. Wayne Reid - Chairman

Mr. Steve Whittingham 
Ms. Millicent Hughes
Mrs. Veronica Warmington
Mrs. Janet Coleman-Howlett
Mr. Rezworth Burchenson
*Appointed March 12, 2012 for a period of three (3) years to March 11, 2015
National Road Operating and Construction Co. Ltd. (NROCC)
Government of Jamaica