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The NYS mandate therefore, is to tackle youth issues and make a meaningful impact on the number of unattached youth (i.e. unemployed and not enrolled in school) in Jamaica now totaling over 140,000.

The organization is uniquely suited to effectively address many of the social issues facing young people in Jamaica. Consequently, the NYS manages a number of programmes including:

  1. The Corps Programme – a four-week career training and re-socialization residential orientation then six-month job placement for high school graduates, aged 17-24 years.

  2. The Jamaica/Canada Youth Exchange (JAMCANYE) – An annual youth exchange programme conducted in association with Canada World Youth focused on literacy projects.

  3. The Jamaica Values and Attitudes Project for Tertiary Students (JAMVAT) – A programme that provides partial payment of tuition fees in exchange for voluntary service.

  4. The Information Communication Technology (ICT) – A certificate course for the disabled.

  5. The National Summer Employment Programme – An annual programme employing on average 4,000 students island-wide during the summer holidays.

  6. The NYS in Schools Project – A new project geared toward instilling core values in high school students through service clubs.

  7. The NYS Volunteerism Project – Periodic projects managed by the NYS in association with private sponsors, national, parish and community organizations, cadets, community members and NYS participants.

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