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The North East Regional Health Authority (NERHA) was born out of the National Health Service Act in 1997 and the Government of Jamaica’s Health Reform Programme which saw the decentralizing of health service delivery. Under decentralization, the management of delivery of health services shifted from central government (Ministry of Health) to 4 semi-autonomous bodies – the Regional Health Authorities (RHA). RHAs have responsibility for the operation and management of health services within a defined geographic area. 

The decentralization of the management of the Health Service is designed to facilitate the provision of cost-effective, accessible, integrated health care of an acceptable standard to the Jamaican public. NERHA is under the control and direction of a board of directors comprising 15 persons appointed by the Minister of Health. The Chief Executive of NERHA is the Regional Director (RD) who reports directly to the Chairman of the Board. The RD is responsible for the management of the day-to-day activities of the authority. NERHA comprises the parishes of St. Ann, St. Mary and Portland, a geographic area of 1018 sq. miles (2637 km2), and a population of 356, 000. It constitutes 13.8% of the general population and is the smallest of the 4 health regions in Jamaica.

The Mission of the North-East Regional Health Authority is, in partnership with other stakeholders, to promote the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being and enhanced quality of life for the residents of St. Ann, St. Mary and Portland. This by empowering individuals and communities and ensuring access to adequate health care through the provision of cost effective, promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.

“Healthy lifestyles, healthy environment…healthy people”.

Mr. Leon Gordon - Chairman

Ms. Averline Beckford - Deputy Chairman & Chairman, HR Committee
Mr. Mark Perkins - Chairman, Procurement Committee
Mr. Daine Thomas - Chairman, Finance Committee  
Mr. Paul Fyffe - Chairman, Audit Committee 
Mr. Canute Brown 
Rev. Hubert Hall 
Ms. Levone Pinnock
Reverend Herbert Hall 
Mr. Desmond Goulbourne 
Dr. Nicole Skyers
Ex-officio Members 
Mrs. Dawn-Marie Richards - Senior Public Health Nurse
Mr. Leo Garel - CEO, St. Ann's Bay Regional Hospital 
Dr. Nicole Dawkins - Senior Medical Officer, St. Ann's Bay Regional Hospital 
Dr. Patrick Wheatle - Regional Technical Director
Ms. Fabia Lamm - Regional Director & Board Secretary 
*The new board was approved by Cabinet on January 5, 2015
North East Regional Health Authority (NERHA)
Government of Jamaica