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Our purpose is to provide every household and business across Jamaica with the ability to communicate and conduct business with each other and the world efficiently, effectively and economically.

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Michael Gentles - Postmaster General / Chief Executive Officer


Mr. Marcus James

Ms. Joyce Young

Ms. Donna-Ann Brown

Dr. Olivia McDonald

Ms. Stephanie Lumley

Mr. Paul Campbell

Mr. Daniel Dawes

Ms. Sherene Grant

Ms. Stephanie Abrahams

Ms. Shalette East

Mr. Rupert Pryce

Mr. Cecil McCain

*board appointed for two (2) years effective April 16, 2016*

During the reign of King Charles II, the Governor of Jamaica was instructed to make arrangements for the establishment of a post office in Jamaica. This was because of complaints from early settlers concerning the slow delivery of mail.
As a result in October 31, 1671, Jamaica became the first British colony to have established a Post Office. The post office was established in the then capital, St. Jago De La Vega, or Spanish Town as it is now known.
With sugar exports fuelling economic growth in the mid 18th Century, Edward Dismore was appointed the first Postmaster General of Jamaica in 1754 as the need for a more reliable postal service became apparent. Mr. Dismore then proceeded to establish a network of Post Offices throughout the island, many of which remain as major post offices today.
In 1776, the main Post Office was moved from Spanish Town to Harbour Street in Kingston. The Jamaican postal service operated as a sub branch of the British Post Office until 1860, when it achieved full managerial and operational autonomy. In addition, distinctive Jamaican postage stamps were introduced for the first time in 1860, to replace British stamps which were in circulation until then.
Following the 1907 earthquake, the main post office was again moved, this time to the General Post Office on King Street in downtown Kingston. However, these premises soon proved inadequate given increased mail flows and plans were drawn up to construct a new head office building including an automated central sorting office. Work on this new building started in the mid 1970's and was completed and the sorting facility fully commissioned in 1980.
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