Address: Twickenham Park, St. Catherine
Telephone: 876-749-0550, 876-619-1260
Fax: (876) 749-6369
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The Registrar General's Department (RGD) plays a key role in national development as it is the only organization in Jamaica which is responsible for registering births, fetal deaths, marriages and deaths, also known as vital events.

The Registrar General's Department (RGD) is an Executive Agency and Jamaica’s sole repository of birth, death, marriage and fetal death records. The RGD is responsible carrying out the following activities:

  1. Keeping safe important historical and public documents such as wills, naturalization certificates of citizenship and Laws of Jamaica

  2. Classifying diseases indicated on the Medical Certificates of the cause of death (MCCD)

  3. Monitoring the activities of all Marriage Officers, Civil Registrar and Local District Registrars (LDR) - persons who register births and deaths.

  4. Producing certified copies of birth, death, and marriage records on request.

  5. Producing no impediment certificates

  6. Correcting errors of fact on vital records

  7. Adding a father's particulars to his child’s birth record

  8. Authorizing and effecting re-registrations

  9. Authorizing and effecting late-registrations

  10. Registering Opticians, Trade Unions, Building Societies and Staff Associations

  11. Producing statistical reports and summaries from registration records and data. These statistics include disease classification using the tenth revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) standards

  12. Recording deeds such as Deed Polls, Conveyances, Bills of Sale and Powers of Attorney.

  13. Registering and indexing of mortgages and releases from National Housing Trust, Agricultural Credit Board and Peoples' Cooperative Bank

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Mondays - Fridays 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

RGD's corporate office and main operating location is at Twickenham Park, St. Catherine and its seven regional offices are in the parishes of St. Andrew, Manchester, St. Elizabeth, Westmoreland, St. James, St. Ann and Portland. RGD was accorded Executive Agency status on April 1, 1999. The Agency is among the first four pilot entities which became Executive Agencies under the Government of Jamaica's Public Sector Modernization Project (PSMP).

Registrar General's Department
Government of Jamaica