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The Board of Supervision, (for the relief of the poor in Jamaica), is a statutory body operating under the portfolio of the Ministry of Local Government and Environment.  It was established under the Poor Relief Act to supervise and monitor the delivery of the Poor Relief service performed by the Parish Councils and KSAC.

The main functions of the Board are characterized as supervisory, advisory, regulatory, auditory, training, appellate, inquiry, rules formulation (for Poor Relief Administration), and sites and plan approval (for Infirmaries buildings).
  • To examine the manner in which Poor Relief is administered in the several parishes, and in cases where it shall appear to the Board that the arrangements in any such parish are defective, to require the Parish Council of such parish to remedy such defect;
  • To hear and decide appeals from poor persons who have been refused relief, or who may consider the relief afforded them inadequate and;
  • To see the Act effectively administered by the several Councils without injustice to the persons entitled to relief on the one hand, and with due regard to the interest of the tax payers on the other, and so far as may be to secure unity of system in its practical administration throughout the Island.

It was also mandated to be the responsible agency for homeless persons

Dr Lee Martin
Councillor Tosha Schwap
Pearline Barrett
Dr Maureen Irons Morgan
Elaine Walker
Pastor Lloyd Maxwell
Barbara Christian
Yvonne Grant
Joylene Griffiths- Irving

* Appointed by Cabinet in April 2016
The Board of Supervision
Government of Jamaica