Address: 14 Port Royal Street, Kingston; Jamaica W.I.
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The Jamaica Fire Brigade is a Statutory Body within the Office of the Prime Minister - Department of Local Government. Its central administration is headed by a Board of Directors which sets broad policy guidelines implemented by a Commissioner in whom is vested the operational command and the day-to-day running of the Brigade. 

The role of the Jamaica Fire Brigade is to protect life and property from fire or other disasters within the Island and its territorial seas.
This role translates into the specific duties of:
1. Extinguishing fires.
2. Protecting life and property endangered by fire or other disasters.
3. Obtaining information with regard to potential risks from fire or other disasters.
4. Inspecting buildings to ensure that reasonable steps are taken for the prevention of fire and for protection against the dangers of fire or other disasters.
5. Making arrangements to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to prevent or mitigate loss or injury arising from fire or other disasters.
6. Rendering pre-hospital emergency medical care and/or treatment to ill or injured persons and transporting them to recognized medical institutions.
7. Carrying out other functions for the purpose of preventing or mitigating risks or danger to life and property as the Minister may, by order, require the Fire Brigade to undertake from time to time.

Mr. Jahlil Dabdoub (Jnr.) - Chairman;

Mr. Carl Thomas - Vice Chairman;
Mrs. Brenda Ramsay
Mr. Frederick Whyte
Mr. Leon Jarrett
Father Burchell McPherson
Mr. Henry McCurdy
Colonel Daniel Pryce
Mr. Horace Reid
Mr. John Valentine; and
Commissioner, Jamaica Fire Brigade, Ex-officio
*Appointed March 12, 2012 for a period of three (3) years until March 11, 2015
The Jamaica Fire Brigade
Government of Jamaica