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The Transport Authority is committed to: The impartial enforcement of all laws, regulations and agreements relating to public land transportation; The close and effective monitoring of the system; Fostering public awareness of the role, duties and responsibilities of users of the 
system; Attracting and maintaining an efficient, courteous and knowledgeable workforce to improve the quality of service and output delivered.

Regulating and monitoring public transportation in the urban areas of the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region (KMTR), Montego Bay Metropolitan Transport Region (MMR) and all other urban and rural routes and areas in the island of Jamaica .

  • Licensing of all public passenger vehicles and commercial carriers island-wide
  • Maintaining a transport register
  • Conducting technical surveys for granting licences and determining routes
  • Scheduling of routes and preparing timetables
  • Investigation of complaints

The Transport Authority was established in 1987 as a statutory body by the Jamaican Government for regulating and monitoring the public transportation system in the island. The portfolio of the Authority was transferred from the Ministry of Construction to the Ministry of Public Utilities and Transport at that time. The Agency now operates under the Ministry of Transport and Works. Under the Transport Act of 1987, the Transport Authority acquired the functions formerly performed by:

  1. The Licensing authority
  2. The Public Passenger Transport (Corporate Area) Board of Control, and
  3. The Public Passenger Transport (Rural Area) Board of Control

The operations of the Transport Authority are governed by:

  1. The Road Traffic Act, 1938
  2. The Transport Authority Act, 1987
  3. The Public Passenger Transport Regulations and Acts (Rural & Corporate Area)

The Transport Authority is governed by a Board appointed by the Minister of Transport and Works. The Board consists of two to four appointed members one of whom is chairman. There are also five ex-officio members.

George Johnson

Mr. George Johnson was appointed Chairman of the Board of Transport Authority in October 2007. Mr. Johnson is also the chairman of the Licencing Sub-Committee. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Johnson who is a specialist in the field of Transportation served as Chairman of the Western Zone Cricket Association, President of St. James Cricket Board, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Herbert Morrison Technical High school, President of Jamaica U Drive Association, President of Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the President of SKAL International Mobay.

He is the current President of SIAFF (Skal International Affiliated Clubs - Caribbean), a global professional organization for tourism leaders which promotes networking and business to business opportunities among all branches of the travel and tourism industry.

image304.jpg Winston Maragh

Mr. Winston Maragh, J.P. was appointed to the Transport Authority Board in November 2007. Mr. Maragh has been Councillor for the Rocky Point Division of the Clarendon Parish Council since March 1990.

He serves on several Boards which include the Rural Water Supply Limited, National Family Planning Board, the National Council on Drug Abuse and the Southern Regional Health Authority Board.

image311.jpg Dr. Heather Little-White

Dr. Heather Little-White was appointed to the Transport Authority Board in November 2007. She is Chief Executive Officer of Heather Little-White & Associates, a company dedicated to the promotion of healthy lifestyles. In addition, Dr. Little-White, a paraplegic, is a Consumer Advocate with special activism for the rights of the disabled.

image328.jpg Arthur McKenley

Mr. Arthur McKenley was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Transport Authority in September 2007. Mr. McKenley is also the chairman of the Operations Sub- Committee. He is the Chairman of Balmoral Automotive Manufacturing Company Limited (formerly Brakesman Limited).

He is an innovative entrepreneur and has pursued several businesses over the last thirty (30) years. Mr. McKenley is a graduate of the�Mona School of Business where he completed his MBA.

image342.gif Kenneth Augier

Mr. Kenneth Augier was appointed to the Board of the Transport Authority in December 2009. He is an Attorney-at-Law with the Attorney General's Chambers and currently provides legal advice in the Commercial Affairs Division

image327.jpg Wainsworth Anderson

Mr. Wainsworth Anderson was appointed to the Board of the Transport Authority in December 2007. He is an engineer by profession and is currently the Director of Asset Management at the National Works Agency. Mr. Anderson also serves as the chairman of the Broadcasting Commission's technical committee.

image331.jpg Leslie Campbell

Mr. Leslie Campbell was appointed to the Board of the Transport Authority in December 2007. Mr. Campbell is also the chairman of the Legal Sub-Committee of the Transport Authority. He is a British Barrister and Lawyer by profession. Mr. Campbell is the Commissioner of Antidumping and Subsidies Committee.

He also serves on several Boards which include Nutrition Products Limited, Health Corporation Limited, South East Regional Health Authority, Petrojam Limited and the Firearms Licensing Authority.

image297.jpg Saleem Lazarus

Mr. Saleem Lazarus J.P., was appointed to the Board of the Transport Authority in December 2007. Mr. Lazarus chairs the Audit Committee of the Transport Authority. He is a Sports Administrator, best known for his contribution to sports in the inner city of West Kingston. This former national representative in sporting clay shooting is a member of the Board of the Sports Development Foundation where he serves on the Allocations Projects Committee.

He is also the Manager of the Tivoli Gardens football team. Mr. Lazarus is a director and shareholder of Dealaz Manufacturing Company Limited, a company engaged in paper processing.

Missing are Mr. Dennis Wright and Mr. Ealan Powell

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