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The Urban Development Corporation (UDC) was established by an Act of Parliament in March 1968, to “ensure that planned and orderly development takes place where and when it is needed in Jamaica, within the framework of national priorities”.  Its role is to plan and design urban environments in designated and other areas and to undertake large-scale projects, as a catalyst for development, or to facilitate urban renewal and revitalization.

The Corporation is geared towards economic activities, which promote the development of its designated areas, for example:

  1. Layout, construct and provide primary infrastructure, in the designated areas;

  2. Provide secondary development such as residential, commercial and recreational facilities;

  3. Provide services such as project management and technical services;

  4. Provide property management services, which include property rentals;

  5. Property sales in both primary and secondary developments;

  6. Conference services at the Jamaica Conference Centre;

  7. Management services through St. Ann Development Company, National Hotels and Properties, and Ocho Rios Commercial Centre; and

  8. Utilities through Runaway Bay Water Company.

General Manager
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42 Fort Street, Montego Bay, St. James

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Urban Development Corporation (UDC)
Government of Jamaica