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The Water Resources Authority (WRA) is responsible for the management, protection, and controlled allocation and use of Jamaica's water resources.

To ensure the sustainability of Jamaica's water resources through continual assessment and proper management, promotion of conservation and protection, and optimal development of these resources; to ensure rational and equitable allocation of the nation's water resources; and to reduce conflicts among water users. The major activities of the Water Resources Authority (WRA) include hydrologic data collection, compilation, and analysis; water resources investigation, assessment, and planning; water resources allocation; and environmental monitoring and impact assessment. Areas of Concentration include:

  1. Water resources allocation through licensing of surface and underground water abstractions.

  2. Licensing of well drilling and altering of wells.

  3. Assessment of water resources for agricultural and housing developments.

  4. Selection of solid and hazardous waste disposal sites; cemetery sites and other waste disposal sites.

  5. Groundwater pollution risk mapping.

  6. Flood plain mapping.

  7. Hydrological forecasting.

  8. Preparation of water management plans to satisfy national development objectives.

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Water Resources Authority (WRA)
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