Address: Newport East, PO Box 36, Kingston, Jamaica, W.I.
Telephone: 876-922-6864
Fax: 876-922-8934
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The Jamaica Livestock Association (JLA) is one of the primary representative bodies for the livestock farmers of Jamaica.
Since its establishment in 1942, the JLA has maintained its position as the main provider of agricultural support and services to the independent farmers of Jamaica.Their wide product range includes animal feed, animal health care products, day old chicks, agriculture chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, hardware items and farm and garden supplies.
The JLA provides support and consultation services in the form of technical field officers who are equipped with agricultural expertise, a pharmacist for consultation on animal health products and veterinarians who advise on animal health care issues.
There are currently 12 commercial stores islandwide and with e-commerce capabilities, the JLA is sculpting its business strategy to better serve the needs of its customers in a rapidly changing market environment.
The Jamaica Livestock Association - helping to build Jamaica through farming

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Beef Committee - Land Use, Employment, Environmental Protection, Overall Head of Cattle Slaughtered and Dressed Weight of Beef

Dairy Committee - Milk Production, Dairy Farms, Dairy Cattle, Overall Dairy Production

Pig Committee - Feed Conversion, Carcass Quality, Weaning Weights, Overall Number of Pigs Slaughtered and Dressed Pork Produced

Poultry Committee - Broiler Production and Egg Production

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Henry Rainford, CD, JP - Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Laura Chuck - Executive Secretary to the Managing Director

Andrea Sweeney - Chief Operating Officer & Company Secretary

Albert Walker - Chief Accountant

Hoilet Wilmot - Manager, Customer Service

Beverley Hamilton - Executive Secretary, Secretary to Committees

Bruno Loffler - Chief Internal Auditor

Dwayne Ferguson - Assistant Database Administrator

Kurt Griffiths - Warehouse Manager

Richard Rainford - Purchasing Manager

Anique Brandt - Purchasing Officer

David Bridge - Acting Manager, JLA Feeds Division

The following information was gathered from the company's website on March 8, 2012:

Henry J. Rainford, CD, JP - Chairman / Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Andrea Sweeney

Arthur Bennett, JP

Byron Thompson, JP

Steven Fong-Yee

Dr. Karl Wellington, CD

Audley Deidrick

Service and support have been hallmarks of the JLA, which throughout its over sixty years has strived to ensure the well-being of farmers, by representing their interest at governmental, commercial, industrial and international levels.
Constant communication and interaction is maintained with farmers through the association’s professionally trained Field Service Staff.  The team is always available to assist farmers in areas, ranging from the adoption of modern farming techniques and practices, to imparting the knowledge and skills required in effectively securing loans from credit and banking institutions.
In addition, farming and agricultural supplies are provided through JLA’s outlets in Kingston, St. Catherine, Clarendon, Manchester, St. Elizabeth, St. James, Westmoreland and St. Thomas.
Jamaica Livestock Association (JLA)
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