Address: 20 Bell Road, PO Box 71, Kingston 11, Jamaica, W.I.
Telephone: 876-923-7114-6
Fax: 876-923-5336
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The following information is gathered from the company's website:

Salada Foods Jamaica Ltd. has the reputation for producing superior quality products for the export markets throughout the Caribbean, North America and European countries.
We are the largest of four coffee processing plants in Jamaica, and the only soluble coffee processing plant in the Caribbean. The company has been in the coffee processing business since 1958.
A wholly owned Jamaican company, Salada Foods Jamaica Ltd. (SALF) is listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, since its inception in 1969.
The company maintains an intensive quality assurance operation, and is committed to an ongoing program of research and development.
In addition to coffee, Salada produces a range of other beverages, drink mixes and dessert products. The diverse range of premium products offered by Salada, meets consumer expectations and distributors are assured of advertising, promotional and marketing support, tailored to meet the needs and characteristics of their market.

The following information is gathered from the company's 2011 Annual Report:

John Rosen - Managing Director

Bernadette Wong - Sales & Marketing Director

M. Olivia Glover - Company Secretary

Kevin Price - Financial Controller

Dave Lemard - Plant Engineer

Lorna Lewis - Production Manager

Julian Rodney - Business Development Manager

Zayous Hamilton - Cost Accountant

The following information is gathered from the company's 2011 Annual Report and the Jamaica Stock Exchange website:

John Bell - Chairman

John Rosen

Michael Bernard

Jeffrey Cobham

Oliver Holmes

Keshia Nelson-Brown

Eric Stultz

Kathryn Lewis

Aubyn Hill

Patrick Williams

Salada Foods Jamaica Limited
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