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The following is taken from the company's website on March 7, 2012:

Seprod Limited was incorporated in Jamaica in July 1940 and became a public company listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange in 1985. The company employs a direct labour force of over 370 persons, with a multiplicity of support labour. 
Seprod's Corporate office is located at Felix Fox Boulevard. The Board of Directors is thirteen (13) in number and is chaired by Mr. Paul Scott.  Mr. Byron Thompson is the Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director. 
As one of Jamaica's high technology companies, we strive to meet the needs of everyone and anticipate the aspirations of our consumers and customers to respond innovatively, creatively and competitively with the products and services which add value to their lives, thus living up to our motto "Made by Seprod....Must be Good".  We seek to create and maintain an environment where every employee is provided the opportunity to develop to his or her maximum potential.  We are committed to honesty and integrity in all relationships with suppliers of goods and services. We evaluate our suppliers on the basis of quality, price and service. 
Seprod's role as a good corporate citizen is underscored by its involvement in the community, the country at large and by its support of various charities, educational activities and civic organizations.  These have included contribution to United Way of Jamaica, sponsorship of the Junior Achievement Programme, financial support to charities, service clubs and assistance to schools, to name a few.  The Company recognize community involvement as an important obligation and as a viable business objective.  Our support of worthwhile community projects in areas where we operate generally improves the well being of the community, creating a better place for our employees to live and a better place for us to operate.
Principal Activities 
Seprod manufactures and distributes edible oils and fats, corn products and other household consumer products.
Caribbean Products Company Limited
Caribbean Products Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Seprod Limited, occupies a sixteen (16) acre site on Spanish Town Road. The Company operates a high technology refinery which is the principal manufacturer of cooking oil, margarine and shortening in Jamaica. The Company also manufactures PET and HDPE bottles for the packaging of its oil products.
Some of its famous brands are: Chef Oil, Gourmet Oil, Chiffon Margarine, Snowflake Shortening and Gold Seal Margarine. Specialty Fats for the bakery trade and private label brands for third party customers are also produced. The Company manufactures products for the final consumers, as well as products that are used as raw materials for other sectors of the food industry, engaged in manufacturing for local consumption and export. 
It is recognized that our business existence and continued success are dependent upon how well we meet our responsibilities to several critically important groups of people. The first responsibility is to our customers as without them we would have no reason for being. We strive to please and exceed the expectation of our customers, catering in a professional manner to their needs. Our concept of value to the customer includes a good selection of quality products that are competitively priced. Our ultimate responsibility is to our shareholders. The goal is to earn an optimum return on invested capital through steady profit growth and prudent asset management.
Presently the Company employs over two hundred persons with the bottle making plant operating three shifts per day, seven days per week, while the edible oil refinery and packaging Plant operate three shifts for five days per week. It is s our responsibility to ensure that our business operates at a reasonable profit; as profit provides opportunity for growth and security. Thus, we are dedicated to profitable growth, growth as a company and growth as individuals. 
Industrial Sales Limited
Located at 107 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 11, Industrial Sales started in 1964 as the distribution and marketing arm for products manufactured by the Seprod Group. 
Today, Industrial Sales continues to be the main distributor in Jamaica for the "Seprod range of products" as well as a distributor of third party grocery items. The company now has its own brand of many of the Seprod products. This brand, Miracle, is considered a value brand in Jamaica as prices are reasonable and products are of the highest quality. 
The company has an island-wide distribution network which allows the products to be found in almost all supermarkets, wholesale outlets, pharmacies, grocery shops and institutions in Jamaica. 
The company is a major supplier to the bakery trade, and along with its sister company Caribbean Products, provides technical assistance to this industry.
International Biscuits Limited
In September 2007, Seprod Limited acquired the manufacturing assets of Kraft Foods Jamaica Limited at 2E Valentine Drive, Kingston 19 and established International Biscuits Limited (IBL). 
The Biscuit Plant had its beginning in the late 1960's when it was started by the Munroe family as Butterkist Limited. It was acquired by the ICD Group in the mid 1980's and later by the biscuit giant, Nabisco in 1998. Kraft Foods parent company (Phillip Morris) acquired Nabisco's worldwide operations in November 2000.
IBL makes several well-recognised brands of biscuits: Butterkist Cookies, Ovaltine, Snackables, Pick Nix, Butterkist Cream Crackers and Paco Cookies. The Company has a staff compliment of 180 employees, operating two production lines (Cookie and Crackers) on a three-shift basis. Several of the current production staff have been with the company from its very beginning!
Serge Island Dairies Limited
Serge Island Dairies is the manufacturing arm of the Serge Island complex located in St Thomas. Since the acquisition by Seprod in 2005, there has been a thrust towards modernization, hence the upgrading of the packaging and processing machines as well as ancillary equipment such as boilers, chill water and compressed air systems, water supply and electrical system.
Serge Island Dairies produces pasteurized juices, juice drinks and milk as well as UHT (Ultra High Temperature Sterilizing Process and Aseptic Filling) juices, juice drinks and milk. A number of milk based drinks are also produced which include peanut punch, chocolate milk and eggnog.
The Company employs over one hundred and fifty persons and along with its sister company, Serge Island Farms is the largest business operation in the parish of St Thomas. In addition to milk produced at Serge Island Farm, the company also purchases raw milk from several small dairy farmers around the St Thomas area.
The company is very involved with the surrounding communities and has given assistance to schools and other organisations in the area. We have been the title sponsor of the Howard Jackson Relays, put on by Morant Bay High School, for the last two years.
Serge Island's products are distributed locally and exported to the Caribbean, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. In addition, the company undertakes contract packaging of UHT and pasteurized products for local and international organizations.
Serge Island Dairies remains true to the Seprod mission of providing quality products at affordable prices.
Jamaica Grain and Cereals Limited
In 1969, Seprod Limited formed Jamaica Grain and Cereals Limited when it purchased majority shares in the Government of Jamaica Cornmeal Plant which was operated by the Agricultural Marketing Corporation. In 1996 Seprod acquired all the Government's shares and Jamaica Grain and Cereals Limited became a fully owned subsidiary of Seprod Limited. 
By 1973, Seprod built a modern dry milling plant to replace that which was acquired. This plant has the flexibility of producing a wide range of corn products which include:
Refined Cornmeal, Whole-meal, Bakers' Grits, Brewers' Grits, Cracked Corn and Hominy Corn as well as a cornmeal based muffin mix.
Today the company employs approximately 50 employees who are keenly focused on innovatively producing good quality and nutritious food for Jamaica's growing population. 
Recently Jamaica Grain and Cereals added a new twist to one of the Country's staple food - cornmeal porridge- when it began producing a porridge mix which takes 'only three minutes to fix' This product is sold under the brand name "Pronto". Other products under this brand include oats porridge, skimmed milk and whole milk.
Jamaica Grain and Cereals is a part of Jamaican life, as many tasty uniquely Jamaican foods use cornmeal as an ingredient - cornmeal porridge, festival, sweet potato pudding to name a few.
Serge Island Farms Limited
Situated in the parish of St Thomas, thirty five miles east of Jamaica's capital city Kingston, is the Serge Island complex. The Serge Island complex sits on over two thousand acres of land and the farming area boasts Jamaica's largest dairy farm.
Seprod, in 2005, bought the complex and since then has invested heavily in its modernization and redevelopment.
Serge Island Farms employs approximately sixty persons and produces about forty percent of Jamaica's milk supply. In addition, coffee (High Mountain) and ackees are also produced at the Farms. 
Serge Island Farms Limited is the main supplier of raw milk to Serge Island Dairies.
Belvedere Limited
Seprod acquired Belvedere Estate in 2006. The estate was mainly involved in the production of mangoes and papaya for the export trade. 
Seprod's main reason for the acquisition was to expand its dairy farm operation. Since then, pastures and a new state of the art milking facility have been established at Belvedere. These developments were designed with the objective to double the milk output from the dairy farming. 
While focused on accomplishing the objective of increasing the dairy output, mangoes and papaya are still produced and exported from Belvedere Limited.

The following is taken from the company's website on March 7, 2012:

Byron Thompson - Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Carl Domville - Group Chief Operating Officer

Marcia Kitson-Walters - Group Marketing Manager

Rupert Ashman - Manager of Information Systems

Marilyn Anderson - Corporate Secretary

Clement Burnett - General Manager, Caribbean Products Company Limited

Alva Palmer - General Manager, Industrial Sales Limited (ISL)

Paul Watson - Plant Manager, Jamaica Grains and Cereals Limited

Philip Webster - General Manager, Serge Island Farms Limited

Major Evrol Dixon - Plant Manager, International Biscuits Limited

The following is taken from the company's website on March 7, 2012:

Paul Scott - Chairman

Dr. Richard Jones - Vice Chairman

Byron Thompson

Michael Subratie

Dr. Ralph Thompson

Geoffrey Messado

Hon. Emile George, OJ, QC

Peter John Thwaites

Granville Marsh, JP

Dr. Nigel Clarke

Melanie Subratie

Dr. Wayne McLaughlin

Tony Hart

Seprod Limited
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