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Debt To GDP Ratio - Measures a country's debt in relation to its gross domestic product (GDP). By comparing what a country owes to what it produces, the debt-to-GDP ratio indicates the country's ability to pay back its debt. 

Jamaica's Current Debt to GDP Ratio - 138.9% (Last update - October 13, 2014)

IMF Debt to GDP Ratio Target (March 2020) - 100%

GOJ Debt to GDP Ratio Target (March 2020) - 96%


Fiscal Surplus is the difference between Total Government Income and Total Government Expenditure

Fiscal Surplus Target7.5% of GDP per annum 


The table below outlines the Quantitative Performance Criteria (QPC) for Jamaica's IMF Agreement. Programme reviews will be conducted quarterly. Broad fiscal performance is monitored through performance criteria on both the primary balance of the central government and the overall balance of the broader public sector, including the self-financing public bodies.

For the purposes of this programme, the broader public sector is defined as: the central government and the self-financing public bodies (non-self financing public bodies are captured in Central Government data). MEFP 50

This is the third version of the QPC as the targets have been modified as the economic programme has evolved:


The following table lists a few of the statistical indicators the Government must release to the IMF on a timely basis: 

IMF Indicators Deliverables

IMF Activity Calendar