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August 14, 2013: Examining The September NIR Target

Jamaica has had various arrangements with the International Monetary Fund over three decades

June 28, 2013: Introducing was featured in the June edition of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica's (PSOJ) online magazine, The Private Eye eZine. [Read the eZine here]

May 27, 2013: Another First For - The Gleaner's website for facts and figures about Jamaica - has launched an informative sectiond edicated to monitoring the implementation of the International Monteray Fund (IMF) agreement. [read more at

May 17, 2013: What's On This Week

Is The Attractiveness Of The Sun, Sea And Sand In Jeopardy?; Jamaica's Human Rights Situation; Crime In Jamaica [read more at

May 10, 2013: What's On This Week

Cargo Continues to Decline, Bauxite and Alumina Data, The Value of A Free Press and IMF Payments Have Begun [read more at]

May 3, 2013:  What's On This Week

The Dollar Slows Its Roll, Bang Belly Economy, Manufacturing Industry Data and JSE Data [read more at]

April 24, 2013: Stands Out At Data Conference

The Jamaican leg of the third Caribbean Open Data Conference and Code Sprint concluded recently with the results of the code sprint, a 24-hour competition that saw teams of developers using open data from government agencies to create apps...[read more at]

April 12, 2013:  What's On This Week

NIR Plunge Continues, Economy Contracted In 2012, and Data Journalism [read more at]


December 21, 2012:  Explore The Jamaican Christmas on diG Jamaica

...the is highlighting every aspect of the quintessential Jamaican Christmas, from sorrel to Jonkunnu to Pantomime.... [read more at].  To access the series directly, click here :  Jamaican Christmas


December 17, 2012:  Huge Trade Deficit 

One of the country's most powerful private sector bodies, the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC), has criticised the country for not acting on a national export strategy that was proposed four years ago. The criticism, made by JCC President Francis Kennedy, comes in the wake of data provided by the website, which show that the country's trade deficit widened significantly over the first eight months of the year....[read more at]


December 16, 2012: 

Jamaican Exports Not Worth Cost Of Imported Fuel. Trade data unearthed through website has revealed that the value of all the island's exports from January to August this year would fail to cover the cost of importing petroleum products for the same period.Total exports for the period valued US$1.1 billion or J$97 billion, while imported petroleum products valued US$1.6 billion or J$142 billion. This represents a US$500 million, or J$45 billion trade deficit on petroleum products alone.Put another way, the trade deficit on petroleum products alone would purchase 4.5 billion $10 Cash Pot bets....[read more at]


'Breadfruit Roasting On An Open Fire'.  Visit the Gleaner Christmas Cookbook here in our blog post 64 East Delicious Jamaican Christmas Recipes with recipes organized by catgories with links that take you to the exact page for a given recipe.  And visit our Jamaican Food Slideshow for more about rum, jerk., Blue Mountain Coffee, ackee and saltfish, sweet potato pudding, rice and peas, turned cornmeal, dukunno, escoveitch fish, mackerel run dug, roast yam, pepper shrimps, roast breadfruit and more. [read more at] Top 5 FYI.  Here we highlight 5 tips for our blog post: Protecting Your Debit Card Or Debit Card Pin and [read more in]


December 15, 2012: Blog Post by Petchary: A Great diG For Jamaican Bloggers

Blogger Petchary takes readers through a guided tour of website.


December 14, 2012:'s Top-5 FYI

Read more about our blog - including posts about the External Debt and Domestic Debt - our trivia game and more...[read more here at]


December 13, 2012. Depreciating Dollar Bumps Up Nation's Debt By $25B

On Monday, Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips said the Government has borrowed less than what it had initially budgeted. "Let me say that contrary to observation made in public media, there has been no extraordinary build-up of debt this fiscal year; it is not true," Phillips said in a thinly veiled jab at a report published in The Sunday Gleaner. Data from for the period January to September 2012 showed that Jamaica had incurred an estimated J$81.9 billion of additional debt. [read more here at]


December 10, 2012. IMF Uncertainty Blamed For Rising Debt

[Errol] Gregory, responding to a Sunday Gleaner report which pointed out that Jamaica has racked up $81.9 billion of additional debt during the period January to September 2012, said: "What we are seeing is that people are just waiting and seeing, and in the interim, the Government just has to borrow to fund its expenditure."  Data gathered from has revealed that the nation has, up to September, incurred billions of dollars in new debt. The nation ended 2011 with debt in excess of...[read more here at]


December 9, 2012.  Jamaica Racks Up $12.5M Per Hour In New Debt

Data gathered from has revealed that the nation has, up to September, incurred billions of dollars in new debt, the value of which could, theoretically, go a far way in addressing many of the island's greatest concerns.  According to the data, for the period January to September 2012, Jamaica had incurred an estimated J$81.9 billion of additional debt. 

Put more simply, Jamaica has added debt at the rate of J$299 million per day or J$12.5 million per hour, or J$207,000 per minute or, finally, almost J$3,461 per second. In context, Jamaica added debt at a rate per day that could have paid the annual salaries of 167 new primary and secondary level teachers. The nation added enough debt per hour that could buy...[read more at ]


December 7, 2012. Offers First Class Directory Service

My favourite online resource is offering a directory with all of this information. Depending on the category of organisation, each entry will offer not just the address and contact numbers, but the names of the board members and managers, a description of what the organisation is or does, and the company logo.  Unlike the hard-copy directories, the numbers and addresses on this online resource are updated more regularly... [read more at]


December 7, 2012.  What's On This Week

Global Corruption Perception Index Ranking, HIV in Jamaica, Public Debt-Management Bill, New Financial Data, Tourism Data [read more at ]


November 30, 2012.  What's On This Week

Auditor-General's Report, White Paper on Tax Reform, Shop Safely Online, Debt Data, Inflation Data [read more at]


November 28, 2012. - Event Listings One-Stop Shop

The Gleaner's has a calendar ( that is suited to persons like me who go for more serene settings. There are art exhibits, business-related workshops, road races, lectures and family-oriented events. The great thing for me is that I don't have to put as much effort into browsing various websites for the events as I do searching for items under my bed because a variety of events are listed in the same place.... [read more at]


November 23, 2012.  What's On This Week

Universal Children's Day, Diabetes In Jamaica, Trade Data. Jamaican Herbs...[read more at]


November 2, 2012.  What's On This Week

Historic Towns, PM Statement On Hurricane Sandy, FAQ on Hotel Tax, GG Since 1962. Religious And Ecclesiastical [read more at]


October 26, 2012.  What's On This Week

Census Charts, Minister Phillips Statement To The IMF, Jamaican Popular Music...[read more at]


October 20, 2012.  What's On This Week

How To Get A Divorce, Rules Of Deportation, National Honours Awardees, Population And Housing Census 2011, NIR Takes A Nosedive...[read more at]


August 26, 2012. Laws Of Jamaica: 1962-2012

I tapped diGJamaica, The Gleaner's new information service on things Jamaican, which has a section 'Legislation + Regulation + Gazettes'. My diG query was quickly responded to, and I was put in touch with the website of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), which is now hyperlinked on diGJamaica....[read more at]


August 12, 2012. Ja Embraces diGJamaica

The Gleaner's latest digital project, has been embraced by Jamaicans everywhere since its launch in the height of Jamaica 50 celebrations. Social media sites Facebook and Twitter have exploded with rave reviews for the website that was crafted as a gift to celebrate 50 years of Independence. Some of the comments include "diGJamaica Handbook will be a national treasure"; "Awesome concept ... love it" and "Have to say that is an exceptional idea brought to life!". [read more at]


August 8, 2012.  Gleaner Continues Educations Thrust With diGJamaica

The latest website from The Gleaner,, presents a uniquely Jamaican online experience as its core objective is to provide information on Jamaica to Jamaicans and the world.  The offerings to students, teachers and parents extend from a basic explanation of the national symbols and historical eras to charts on environmental protection issues in Jamaica for more advanced students. Information is presented in easy-to-use and easy-to-understand formats like slideshows, motion charts and flipbooks.  Students are encouraged to... [read more at]


August 7, 2012.  diGJamaica Spans Island's Past And Present

This year, in the nation's 50th year of sovereignty, The Gleaner Company has launched a new website, that stretches into the collective memory of that special time and promises to level the playing field regarding access to information on Jamaica. As The Gleaner's gift to Jamaica for Independence, diGJamaica captures the essence of eras gone by through slideshows and timelines. [read more at]


August 3, 2012.  Gleaner Website Fosters Information Freedom

Accessing official documents from statutory bodies in Jamaica remains a challenge, even with the passing of the Access to Information Act in 2003.  With that being the case, The Gleaner has added to its series of news projects a resource website, "The Gleaner has always been the source of credible and useful information," said diGJamaica consultant Deika Morrison, who added that, "diGJamaica represents an extension of that, providing the public with key facts and figures so organised for easy access".  Unlike regular news media that are bound by word limits, diGJamaica has room for hundreds of facts and figures...[read more at]


August 2, 2012. Tracking The Jamaican Social Scene On, from The Gleaner Company, can help Jamaicans make sense of it all with its unique Calendar feature.  The diGJamaica Calendar lists several upcoming events, special broadcasts and public holidays in the island, allowing individuals to, for example, plan their viewing schedule for the Olympics from the list of athletic events, converted to 'Jamaica time'.  Business and social events are sorted by week and month, with the most current event floating to the top of the list. If users want a closer look at an item, selecting 'View' will display the date and time of the event, a brief description of the occasion and a... [read more at]


August 1, 2012.  Gleaner Encourages Parish Pride

There are only a few things Jamaicans love more than their country, and one of those is their parish. Even Jamaicans in the diaspora regale each other with glowing stories about their hometowns, bragging about a river, fruit or hill they believe is either unique to their parish or the best of which can only be found in that area. The Gleaner, having been a part of the Jamaican landscape since 1834, understands parish pride and that's why its new website,, highlights the best of each of the island's 14 parishes. In diGJamaica's Parish Profiles, there is an overview of the history, demographics, environment and terrain of each parish. There is also a picturesque slide show that shows off... [read more at]


July 31, 2012. The Gleaner's diGJamaica For History Of Athletics

While Jamaica's current sprint stars continue to mystify the world with record-shattering performances, there is a strong sporting legacy in Jamaica that has propelled our athletes to this point.  The latest website from The Gleaner Company,, pays tribute to...[read more at]


July 30, 2012.  Can You diG It? 

Everyone likes a short cut, or simply a more convenient way of finding the information they need. The Gleaner's new website seeks to do just that. The website is the first of its kind, a comprehensive digital resource of relevant facts and figures about Jamaica, inspired by the immensely popular, but out-of-print publication, Handbook of Jamaica. According to The Gleaner's Managing Director Christopher Barnes, "We have crafted this new resource website to..." [read more at]