1931: It is announced that the Government has decided not to admit any more Chinese immigrant into the island.


1950: A man is sentenced to serve 6 months in a juvenile prison after being charged for taking 16 crocus bags valued at £1.68, property of the United Dairy Farmers Ltd.

1951: Farmers in Llandewey, Cedar Valley and Bath recommend to the governor that persons charged for praedial larceny be flogged publicly to end this evil.


1959: The Jamaica Netball Association sponsors a dance at the Victoria Pier Lounge to raise funds for sending a team to represent Jamaica at the West Indies Netball Championships in Montserrat in August.

1960: The St Andrew Housewives Association calls on all housewives in the Corporate Area to boycott beef for at least another week in protest against the “unreasonable” price of beef.

1966: His Excellency the Governor General Sir Clifford Campbell cuts ribbon across the main door to open the Unity Methodist Church, Pembroke Hall Drive, and tells the large congregation: “Care not what the world may think of the church, it has its place and there is nothing else to take that place.”


1974: Sherie Gopie earns Jamaica their third win against the visiting Ontario with a goal in each half. Gopie scores eight of Jamaica’s 10 goals. The defence, backed up by Kitchin in goal, concedes only one goal in the second match of the series in which they were held to a one-all draw.

1975: Mr Desmond McKenzie calls on the Kingston and St Andrew Football Association to provide better security at all Major League football matches. Without better security at the matches, he says there will not be enough people coming out to matches.


1975: Mayoral elections in the St Elizabeth Parish Council collapse in confusion as controversy persisted over who should be the next Mayor of Black River. The St Elizabeth impasse was the highpoint of the annual elections in 12 parish capitals, which resulted in new leadership for five councils and the return of the incumbents in the other six.

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