1953: The Chief Minister Alexander Bustamante has recommended two members of the House for appointment as minister of trade and industry and minister of labour. They are Mr Allan Douglas, M.H.R, for Northern Trelawny, minister of trade and industry, and Mr Jehodia McPherson, M.H.R for Western St Thomas, minister of labour. The recommendations were transmitted to the governor, Sir Hugh Foot, K.C.M.G, at King’s House in a sealed envelope delivered to the governor by Miss Gladys Longbridge, JP, private secretary to the chief minister.

1959: The Jamaica Christian Council issues a statement condemning violence in the election campaign and expresses the hope that there will be no intimidation. “As we prepare for and go to the polls on July 28, let there be no intimidation, let the whole electorate feel free to go out and register their votes”, the council says.

1964: Corporate Area Butchers, who have been on a go slow since the beginning of last week, in the procuring and slaughtering of cattle for metropolitan consumption, decide to extend this operation until, at earliest, the end of this week. The decision to extend the go-slow is taken at a special meeting held in central Kingston. Mr Manley Rose, one of the biggest butchers in the business, presided.

1967: A gunman grabs a bag with a £1,500 payroll, from a clerk, as the clerk mounted the stairs of Thompson Hankey Ltd, 437 Spanish Town Road, the police are told. The bag is recovered in the afternoon in a toilet in Waterhouse.

1975: Cloud seeding carried out in the Hermitage and Langley areas contributed to the rainfall in the catchment areas of the Corporate Area water system. A Water Commission spokesman gives this information. He adds that the rains boosted storage at the Hermitage and Mona reservoirs. Two inches and 63 parts of rain fell at Hermitage, and 54 parts at Langley, resulting in the storage in the dam rising by 10 million gallons to 155 million gallons. The inflow from the Wag Water, Morsham, and Ginger rivers amounted to 14 million gallons, an increase of nine million.

1978: Agreement has been reached between the island’s five bauxite companies and the National Workers’ Union on a new wage contract, details of which are being withheld pending workers’ meetings next week at the various plants. The heads of agreement is signed around 8 o’clock, some 19 hours after the Minister of Labour, William Isaacs, declares the meeting opened. 

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